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Our services

We believe that a personalized approach is key to delivering exceptional results. That's why we take the time to understand your unique needs and work closely with you to create a custom service that exceeds your expectations.

Financial analysis

Get accurate and reliable reporting services to manage your financial records.

- Recording of financial transactions
- Bank reconciliation
- Accounts payable management
- Accounts receivable management
- Payroll management
- Preparation of financial statements
- Accrual estimates
- Actual versus plan comparisons

man looking at spreadsheets

Develop a strategic plan to drive growth and achieve financial goals.

- Financial forecasting and budgeting
- Cash flow management
- Revenue and expense analysis
- Performance tracking and benchmarking
- Business modeling
- Scenario planning
- Strategic financial planning and recommendations

finance analysis

Access capital markets expertise and support to secure funding and grow your business.

- Capital raising strategies
- Debt and equity financing options analysis
- Preparation of pitch materials
- Preparation of investor presentations
- Negotiations with investors and lenders
- Due diligence support
- Post-investment monitoring and reporting

Proven track record

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Collective experience

Years of collective experience
across finance and operations
Total enterprise value
of transaction expertise
Clients entrusting us with
their business

Founder trusted organization

"Profitability Partner's work allowed us to focus on the analytics of our loan origination business and capital raising efforts. We were particularly impressed with the working capital management policies that were instituted to optimally draw on our senior credit facility and the preparation of monthly business review presentations. They also led the company's 2021 and 2022 audit with an accredited institution to satisfy shareholder, board of directors, creditor, and other external stakeholder requirements. We highly recommend the services they provide."

Jack Markwalter, CEO

"When Immertec was facing a cash crunch, we knew we needed to secure funding. But raising capital is no simple task. There's a mountain of work behind the scenes, from initial discussions to the nitty-gritty of legal documents. Profitability Partners was a game-changer for us. They didn't just offer up a strategy; they rolled up their sleeves and got into the trenches with us. They pointed out the value in our hard assets and suggested we use them as security. Their idea to add a convertible note to the mix made the investment proposition more appealing to potential investors and allowed us to quickly raise funds within a period of only several weeks. But what really stood out was how they navigated the fundraising maze. They were with us every step of the way, from preparing for due diligence to sorting out the exhaustive legal work. And when it came time to close the deal, they made sure we were set up for success”

Erik Maltais, CEO

“As the owner of Noor, I've always been committed to excellence, but our financial challenges were becoming clear obstacles. Our cash flow was erratic, and despite every effort, our margins hovered around a mere 5%. An exit within the next 12 months was on my mind, but with these figures, I was apprehensive about the potential sale value. That’s where Profitability Partners made the difference. Their team moved beyond generic advice. They delved deep, grasping Noor’s unique business intricacies. Armed with their expertise, we devised strategies that not only showed us away to potentially boost margins to 15-20% but also brought stability to our cash flow. But what stood out most was their guidance on the sale process. They helped me see how to best position Noor for a favorable exit, ensuring each step we took maximized our potential value. With their help, we optimized the limited time we have to pursue the low hanging fruit available and strategically positioning Noor for an exit”

Owen Focke, CEO

Meet our team

With several decades of collective experience, our team of experienced financial experts has a proven track record of success in delivering results for our clients. Partner with us to streamline your finances and reach new heights of success.

Ilirian Ameti

ilirian ameti

Ilirian Ameti is the Managing Partner of Profitability Partners with over seven years of experience in private equity and corporate finance. He currently serves as managing partner of Profitability Partners, a fractional CFO firm, and was previously a senior associate for LMM capital, a multi-billion dollar investment group.

At Profitability Partners, he has had the pleasure of serving in a CFO capacity for more than sixteen companies across various industries and sizes, overseeing assets under management of $48.2mm and total annual revenues in excess of$27.4mm per annum. During his tenure as fractional CFO, he has helped raise over $12.1mm in debt and equity capital and supported triple digit revenue growth for several of his clients.

Prior to that, Ilirian was a senior analyst at Third Lake Capital, a family office where he was responsible for evaluating, conducting due diligence and building valuation models for various private equity, venture capital and real estate transactions totaling over $250mm in value. Previously, Ilirian was a financial analyst at Amazon in their corporate finance group and a summer equity research analyst for Robert W. Baird, a preeminent middle market investment bank.

Ilirian received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, Investments and Banking from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he graduated with honors.

Raymond Gong

raymond gong

Raymond Gong is a Senior Partner and fractional CFO at Profitability Partners. Raymond's professional background has been marked by both significant transactional and portfolio experience in the private equity sphere.

He has extensive experience evaluating, acquiring, and working to improve businesses across a broad range of industries and has cumulatively executed over $1bn in private equity and real estate transactions.

Raymond was previously a private equity investment professional at Black Diamond Capital Management, a turnaround and distressed focused fund with $10bn under management and with a private equity portfolio generating $1bn in combined EBITDA annually.

In this role, he was focused on distressed and value-oriented majority acquisitions and other bespoke capital solutions. He was responsible for evaluating and understanding various businesses, performing commercial, market and other fundamental operational due diligence, and identifying/implementing business turnarounds.

Prior to his role at Black Diamond Capital Management, Raymond was a private equity senior analyst atThird Lake Partners, a family office serving the interests of a Forbes 400 family, where he was responsible for buyouts, growth equity, venture capital and real estate investments. Raymond was also responsible for the management of a specialty consumer finance business.

Raymond received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Vanderbilt University.

Matthew Mooney

matthew mooney

Matthew is a Senior Partner at Profitability Partners leveraging his six years of Mergers & Acquisitions experience to support clients with budgeting, working capital management and capital raising efforts among other areas.

Matthew was previously an associate in the Corporate Development team at Apex Service Partners where he has successfully led the closing of over 25 residential home services businesses over two years, consisting of more than $500mm of transaction value and assisting the business in its growth from a $300mm platform to over $2bn.

Previously, Matthew was a private equity and real estate Associate at Third Lake Partners where he underwrote and executed deals on the buy and sell-side totaling over $500mm in enterprise value.

Matthew graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BBA in Finance and Economics.

Jennifer Vino-Oquingan

Jennifer vino-oquingan

Jennifer Vino-Oquingan is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 18 years accounting experience across several multinational banks, including SMBC, Deutsche Bank, and MUFG.

While at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Jennifer played a pivotal role in transitioning the bank to IFRS 9 standards. Her skills were further showcased when she collaborated with Accenture Inc. to automate the bank’s daily balance Sheet, emphasizing her commitment to streamlining processes and ensuring accuracy in daily transactions.

At Deutsche Bank, Jennifer took on the significant responsibility of handling the Risk and P&L for Global Equities Derivatives. Her collaboration across different departments reinforced the bank's internal controls and optimized reporting processes.

Her experience at Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) was equally impactful. Here,Jennifer focused on preparing essential regulatory reports, maintaining strict internal control standards, and consistently overseeing daily bank operations.

With her extensive roles across several financial institutions, Jennifer Vino-Oquingan stands out as a dedicated and accomplished professional in the accounting sphere.

Andy Zupsic

andy zupsic

Andy is an affiliate operating partner at Profitability Partners. His career journey has seen him undertake both challenging and pivotal roles on both domestic and international fronts. His depth in strategic thinking, operational efficiency, and sales & marketing is augmented by a passionate drive for business growth. With a specialization in software technology, Andy has been at the helm of numerous executive roles, directing product and service innovations across diverse industries. His teams, leveraging both in-house and acquired technologies, have consistently delivered solutions to meet business needs and seize global opportunities.

He served as the CEO of AGDATA, backed by Vista Equity Partners, and as the COO of Sovos Compliance, another venture supported by Vista Equity Partners. Andy's leadership has also been instrumental as an advisory board member for Magic Leap. His experience extends to overseeing global field operations as the Senior Vice President at Progress Software, guiding the Americas enterprise segment as the Senior Vice President at Juniper Networks, spearheading sales, marketing, and services as the Vice President at Microsoft LatinAmerica, and strategically leading as the Managing Director at Microsoft Singapore.

Throughout his journey, Andy has emphasized a collaborative and systematic leadership approach, with talent development at the heart of business success.